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What metric do you use to determine success?

How do you determine success with your body goals? What metric do you use to determine success? The metric of choice can determine you feeling like a winner or another fail to add to the books right? Well . . . it shouldn't.

An apple a day keeps the dentist and calories at bay? Weighing scale number goes up? Bad. Number goes down? Good. Inch went up? Bad. Inch went down? Good.

Let's look at some key factors:

Weighing scales: your weight fluctuates daily. Stand in front of the mirror, take progress photos, try on clothes and see how they feel.

Measuring Tape: You could be bloated or haven't eaten in a long time, try take a measure at a consistent time of day. Once again, stand in front of the mirror, take progress photos, try on clothes and see how they feel.

Formulas: Calculation A says this, but Calculation B says that: Many ways we use to judge progress can be done on formulas, but these formulas may not be entirely representative. You might judge your outlook on the outcome of a formula or a specific tool of measurement (which may have multiple ways to be measured), try to only use them merely as a guiding hand, not your satisfaction or ability measure.

Let's take the example of Body Fat %. Try type into Google: "How to measure body fat %" - I bet you that you will be flooded with answers and most likely a Top 10 best ways to do it. It goes to show there is no single way to measure such things, so you should not determine your happiness and outlook on a single metric. Pave your own path, change your mindset and don't be a slave to a number.

You have the ability to take control of the metric you use, and this has the power to change your feeling and outlook. Although the weighing scales has been engraved in our heads as the primary tool to use when it comes to our health and fitness goals for three decades and counting, does not mean it must be the only way to measure it.

Change your mindset, and therein you will find change on your outlook. A quick mindset shift is one step away from a good mood.

If we use the weight it shows on the scales as our only means of happiness it will only invite frustration. Do not allow yourself to be narrow-minded on your goal, see the progress in every little thing you do. You're so much better than you think you are.

Find the goodness in every little achievement you undertake, find the positivity in your ability to try, and never ever ever let your outlook be determined by a number.


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